July 25, 2015 admin

Gray’s Sporting Journal – Blaze Orange Book Review

Gray's Sporting Journal Cover“Dewitz has created a soulful photographic account of deer hunting at its best, the quiet passion of rural folk for whom deer season is the heart of every year. He captures the faces of ordinary hunters, young and old, the farm yards where they gather and the fields and woods where they hunt, the hunting cabins and kitchens where they tell their stories. This is the world of Chevys and Remingtons, gun stores and check stations, and a lot of unposed faces–smiling and weary–hunting as family and friends, gathering venison and memorize and trophy buck here and there to drape with Christmas lights and toast with a tall boy. Dewitz’s excellent images capture without fanfare what deer hunting is all about to rural America.” Christopher Camuto – Author of several books most recently Time and Tide in Arcadia: Seasons on Mount Desert Island