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Blaze Orange Becomes a Real Book

My copy of Blaze Orange, was delivered today. It is amazing to finally be able to hold and feel Buy the Book Blaze Orange on Amazonthe book I have been working on for almost two years. I first need to say thank you to my publisher, Wisconsin Historical Society Press and to the printer, Worzalla. The quality of this book isunparalleled, even higher than I expected. The look and feel from front to back is impeccable.  I had a lot of say in the making of Blaze Orange, but there are a lot of decisions I wasn’t part of. One example is the actual hard cover and binding choices. I don’t think you could beat the orange linen cover with embossed title in deep black ink. Even the dust jacket has Blaze Orange embossed in to it. I also really like the quality dark end sheets that they added. The high quality Wisconsin made paper used for the pages carry the beautifully reproduced and sharp images very well. I always knew the book was going to have around 140 pages, but it is still much thicker than expected. I am incredibly humbled by the final product.

Since I have one of the first copies of the book in my hands, I am sure that the pre-sale price will end very soon before it sells at full retail. If you pick one of my books up in the future, I would like to say thank you; as buying my book says a lot of what I created. I have also been told that Blaze Orange leads the pre-sale numbers out of their fall catalog and has been well received by their distributors. Even more of a surprise to me is that it will be sold on a national level, which is beyond exciting. I started my Wisconsin Deer Hunting series shooting for the stars just hoping to get a book deal with any publisher. I ended up getting that deal with my first choice, the Wisconsin Historical Society.  I also only expected a state-wide distribution and at best regional so my wishes have been far surpassed. Thank you to all of you that have had a hand in the creation of this book and for all of your encouragement.

Blaze Orange Wisconsin Hunting Book- Embossed CoverBlaze Orange Wisconsin Hunting Book-IntroductionBlaze Orange Wisconsin Hunting Book- Tattooed Chicago Bobs Gun ShopBlaze Orange Wisconsin Hunting Book- Shot Gun Shells and VodkaBlaze Orange Wisconsin Hunting Book- Springer Spaniels in TavernBlaze Orange Wisconsin Hunting Book- Steel Knife Coming Out of the FurnaceBlaze Orange Wisconsin Hunting Book- Hunter at DawnBlaze Orange Wisconsin Hunting Book- PrefaceBlaze Orange Wisconsin Hunting Book- Embossed Cloth CoverBlaze Orange Wisconsin Hunting Book- High Quality BindingBlaze Orange Wisconsin Hunting Book- Inside Pages - Inside Cover - Back Cover With ReviewsBlaze Orange Wisconsin Hunting Book- Deer Hide PlantBlaze Orange Wisconsin Hunting Book- Deer Processing PortraitBlaze Orange Wisconsin Hunting Book- 3-4 Profile View of Cover and Pages

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  1. Tony Smith

    Thank you Wisconsin for keeping this tradition alive and well.
    The pictures describe the freedom of the whole process.

    I have hunted public land in ILL. since 1989
    Although it works well, it is very regimented (As it needs to be)
    It has been a turn off to the younger generation because of all the rules etc.
    (You have to check in by 5:00 a.m. or someone else gets your tag that day, you can’t leave your stand up overnight, only so many hunters in a designated parking area. Youth Hunters born before such and such date Must take a Hunters safety course, All hunters must possess a FOID Card)
    There are Reasons for all these and other rules.

    I’m just saying Wisconsin and your pictures display the real
    Essence of Whitetail Gun Season, America

    Thank You
    Tony Smith

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